Great Jerky Tips And Tricks You Never Heard Of

Great Jerky Tips And Tricks You Never Heard Of

Are about to buy a jerky shooter in Alberta? You should read the following article to learn a few tips about using a jerky shooter. Making jerky the traditional way was not an easy process. The invention of the jerky shooter has revolutionized the process. In this guide, we look at some of the tips that can help you to use your jerky shooter without voiding your warranty.


Adding Liquid to the Meat

Why should you add some liquid when preparing your jerky? Well, adding the liquid helps to make sure that the salt or seasoning get absorbed properly into the meat. That makes the jerky to be of high quality and safe to eat by preventing bacteria growth. Sufficient liquid will also help to ensure the gun gets lubricated. Excessive friction will cause the gun to fail and therefore void the warranty.


Conflicting Instructions

When using your jerky, you may find that the instructions on the seasoning packet differ from those of the jerky shooter manual. In such a case, it is best to follow the instructions given on the seasoning packet. Overall, if you use the blending set that comes with the jerky shooter, you will not go wrong. The rule of thumb is for you to use at least 1/4 of liquid for every pound of meat.


How Long Should You Wait To Extrude the Meat?

The pieces of meat are minuscule and therefore have a greater surface area. That speeds up the process of seasoning absorption. As soon as you notice the liquid has been absorbed, you can extrude the mixture.


What Is The Best Way To Get The Meat Into The Tube?

One of the best techniques is to form a log that is smaller in diameter than the tube. You then wet your hands, point the nozzle downward and drop the meat into the tube. The jerky shooter also comes with a measuring funnel that makes it easy to fill the tube with meat. If you lost it, you could also buy it separately.


Is It Okay To Leave Meat In The Tube?

You should not leave any meat in the jerky even when you cannot dehydrate it all at a go. Instead, take it out, and put it in a bowl or freezer. That will help to prevent the salt or seasoning from damaging the delicate materials used to make the nozzle. When you are ready to dehydrate it, just mix it with a little liquid to soften it. Then put it in the tube and make your jerky.

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